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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Party Tips: Mother's Day Treat

Mother's Day gives a great opportunity to show love to our sweet mom in the most creative manner. If you are planning for a perfect celebration on mother's day then plan out for some innovative decoration in advance. Mother's Day Decoration can set a vibrant mood for the party. Decorations for mother's day speak out your inner feelings and create a splendid aura of love and affection. Decoration on Mother's Day should be according to the taste of your beloved mother. Keep it simple but most expressive. It should have a feel of the beautiful relation between a mother and her child.

Mothers Day Party Invitation
A surprise get together party of her siblings and friends would do the best for your mother. Nothing would be better than being around with the people she loves.

Mothers Day Decoration Tips
Clean the house thoroughly. Mothers want everything to be neat and properly set. Decoration of the place should match the theme of the party. Theme of the party itself gives you many ideas of how to decorate the home. Hang beautiful tissue curtains, change cushion covers and lay a beautiful tablecloth. Display photographs of your mom with you in the party. This gives a feel to the celebration of mother's day. A colorful bright banner saying, "Mum, you are the best in this world" or "Happy Mothers Day" will surely fill tears in your mom's eyes.

The party room can be filled with Happy Mother's Day imprinted balloons. You can make a handmade card with some beautiful mother love quotes written inside and paste them on the wall. Decorate interior and exterior of the house with fragrant flowers. Garland swags can be made and hung around the entrance gate. Streamers also add variety to Mothers Day party decoration. Lights are the most attractive part of the party decoration. Lights create mood for the party celebration. Scented candles can be placed at various corners of the house. Table laid for food should have lighted candles placed on it. Embellish your house with beautiful motif spring flower place mats.

A theme party always add fun and excitement to any party. The theme should be suitable to all age groups. It can be a color code or a dress code of 60s.

Mother's Day Party Games
Mother's Day Party is complete only when there are some funny games to add zing to the day. All guests invited to party would enjoy celebration of Mothers Day only when there are games to play. You can plan out some special games with your friends to be played with your mom and her siblings or friends. Some interesting games which can be played on mothers day are dumb charades, song competition, passing the parcel etc.

Mother's Day Party Video
Another very attractive part of Mothers Day party will be to show a picture of all the events of past year you shared with your mum. It can be a small presentation of your photographs with your mom or a complete video. This will surely make her feel extremely happy.

Mother's Day Party Message
Here's a unique idea and a must do! where you, a child as the party host must leave a heart-touching message for your mom. The 'Guest of Honor' will overwhelm with joy if her kids plan and do something special like this.

Mothers nurtures us with her unconditional love and warmth deserves something memorable on Mother's Day. Make her smile and fall in the happy moments of the day by throwing a special Mothers Day Party for her. Just make her the 'Queen of the Day' with a surprise Mother's Day bash. So go ahead and treat the most important person of your life in a spectacular way.

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