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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Theme Birthday Party: An Enchanting Arabian Night

An Enchanting Arabian Night as princess Zafreen celebrates
her 1st Birthday!


How will you celebrate your baby's first birthday? From a quiet event at home to an over-the-top extravaganza, children's birthday parties run the gamut. What are your plans for the day your baby turns 1?

A baby's first birthday is really for the parents for surviving the first year. Yay! How you celebrate your child's first birthday is completely up to you and your family's style. Some prefer to organize it grand while others may think less is more.The first birthday party is undoubtedly more special to you than to your baby. So the key to creating a wonderful event is to make it memorable - for you!

An Enchanting Arabian Night was a very grand theme that we have carried out. Flash back to era of caravans, the majestic castles of sultans and extravagant parties. Organized at night, gave us the chance to play around with lanterns and glitters of decors from such tale of 1001 nights.

The theme colours were set to be in rich silky metallic purple & shimmery gold. The Arabian mood was brought alive with oil lamps, insence and candles throughout the scene. The transparent arabian tent with drapes of sky lights welcomes the sultans, harem princesses, belly dancers & oil sheikhs to the unforgetable night.

A sitting area was allocated by the gazebo with lots of classic throw cushions. Exotic Aladdin lamps, shishas and hanging glamourous chimes created the illusion of the Arabian Night. Bright colourful sportlights flashed up the palm trees of the garden and thus brought in the mood of the night.

Super shaped helium balloons brought cheerful effects to the atmosphere. A corner of the room was transformed into a play area for the children to enjoy themselves while parents get to catch up on each other. Delightful delicacies of sugar cakes boost the sweetness of the memorable moment.

A scrumptious arabian feast with grilled kebabs, ala-forno beef , brinjal musaka, lamb and vineleaf roll, meat platters served with pita breads & humus, fresh riped grapes and all sorts of other guiltless sinful desserts that lined up on the buffet bar created rumbling drools in each and every guests' hungry tummies.

Face painting and henna drawing have added more colours to the party. Games such as the musical chair have certainly added up to the fun. Participating without an age limit strengthens the bond amongst family and friends. Cheerful smiles were brought to their faces with small tokens and prizes. The excitement was then added up with a Pinata. To match with the theme and also the crowd of toddlers, a pull-string treasure chest paper box were fully stuffed with candies and toys in order to give the guests their treat of the day.

The party favors were home made with love. Silky colourful materials were sewn to be arabian pouches accessorized with matching golden and silver tassles. The embroideries of the princess' name and birthday captions made them even more outstanding. The pouches were then filled with edible gold coins as a symbolic of wealth and prosperity of the exotic arabian royals.

Satisfaction on everyone's faces wraps the nite of a great party!

A capture of the audio visual is always a keepsake to be treasured!
Here's one for you to enjoy and for us to remember!

Party Tips: Pick A Theme & Keep It Simple!

Same questions every time. How do we get the best bang for our buck? How do we stay within a reasonable budget? How do we keep things simple?

The simplest way is to pick a theme. A theme doesn’t always need to be something obvious, a theme can be based on a color, on a movie, or even on the food that you’re serving.

We shall start with an Invitation. An amazing invitation with a great illustration on the front, something really simple but sets the tone of the them. The invitation should basically contain all the details on how to RSVP, whom to call, all the dates and other informations. Be creative and not just stick to the old method of conventional invitations. An invitation printed on a cd or sent in a box which includes other decorative items from the theme, might add colors to the tone. For instance, use scallop shells, pearls and some glitter for an invitation to a beach party. This level of anticipation factor will let people start to get excited, which is what you'll want. An example of a theme that you may carry from the invitation to a party is a ticket entry for one to a cocktail party. Personalized tickets would really INVITE people, they are fun, 3-dimensional and cool, instead of just plain random ‘I printed this off my printer’ letterhead kind of invitation. It sets the tone!

There should be a continuity, from the invitation to the color scheme, to the décor of the tables, it’s very unifying and you’ll see how much that really works together. It does! And it keeps a focal point!

So the bottom line is, to get the best bang for your buck is… choose a theme and keep it simple! There’s always a great reason for a great party!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Party Favours: Token of Appreciation

Sending your guests home with a gift or party favor, whether it's for a children's birthday party on up to a wedding party, is a great way of thanking them for being part of your celebration. You'll want to choose items that are affordable yet attractive and memorable.

Party favor ideas include small, yet meaningful gifts for the party guests. These gifts vary in price depending on how much the person would like to spend. Items that could be included as party favors for guests are endless. All you have to do is pick some items, based on your budget, that will match the theme of your party as memento of the occasion, or simply as an aid to frivolity.

These favors are customly chosen and designed for the Cukur Jambul of a sweet little princess. The colour pink pictures the tickled pink emotions of a proud parent of the new born baby. Cute baby cradles shows the autencity of a baby event. Beautiful cupcakes and customized chocolate graphics expressed gratitudes to the guests for the sweet memorable moment shared.

Silver paperbags filled with pretty embroidered pouch of Yassin were meant for the men. Blue striped customed boxes complete with party favors promises cheerful faces on the children after having a great day. There's always a reason for a good party!

Theme Birthday Party: BOB Obsession!

He's TWO and obesessed with Bob The Builder!

Can we fix it? Yes we can!
Bob and his machine team celebrated Daniel's 2nd Birthday with lots of fun! With a cool theme, the cuppies were topped with sugar traced of Bob, Scoop, Muck & Lofty! The birthday boy was already overjoyed just to see his favourite cartoon characters! Each children were given a stripey baby blue coloured box filled with party favors. All customized courtesy from the birthday boy.

It was time to indulge in western cuisine. Warm layers of pasta made the lasagne a non resistant. Tender juicy chicken strips accompanied by scrumptious fresh salad provides a healthy diet to the guests. Strings of spaghetti poured with bolognese gravy has always been the all time favourite. The food was remarkably super delicious. Everyone had their chance to indulge! Birthday cake was a 2-tier orange marble laced with fine fondant sugar. It was absolutely delicious and creatively done.

Each children was then treated with giant colourful lollipops for desert. All kinds of shapes, up to their taste buds.

Face painting added up to the excitement. Babies to adults, with no age limits. Any designs at no charge! Everthing was on the house. Total enjoyment!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Party: A Whimsical Cukur Jambul

Cukur Jambul- based on a lose translation from Wikipedia- A Malay Traditional rites 40 dates after the birth of a newborn. It is not done any earlier, because mummy would still be in confinement.


It was a beautiful fine day. The house was decorated with beds of greeneries and fresh flowers. The room was all filled with aromatized scent of sweet pastels fresh roses waiting to welcome the guests. A stunning dias for the celebratee princess stands enchantedly in the living hall with spotlights flashing across it. It was all mesmerizing!

The settings were set to be pink & white as the Cukur Jambul were meant for the baby princess. Fresh flowers resembles the freshness of a new born baby, the greatest gift of all. An overwhelming experience to be treasured!

Fresh fruits were served with bottomless flowing of think chocolate fountain that no one could resist. Sweet baby themed cupcakes empowers the temptations.

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