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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Theme Party: A Carnival Circus

Carnival circus is a crafted colourful theme. If you are about to have another party, and like cheerful colours, then you can deck out the occasion. Your guests will surely want to come over for other parties again and again.

A carnival circus is a big affair, but that does not mean you need a huge party hall. With simple tricks, you can make even a small space big, carnivaly and circusy!

Throw your carnival circus party "under the big top" at home or in a park. Rent a canopy, preferably with red and white stripes, to create the structure for your carnival party which will definitely give a perfect carnival circus look. Start by putting giant posters of animals at the entrance, dancing elephant posters are the best! Set up a theme table or a candy bar underneath the canopy where guests can grab some food. Drape the tables in brightly colored tablecloths, red, yellow and blue are classic carnival colors. Attach balloons to the tables for a festive pop of color.


The main theme with circus and the crafts for them is the actual clowns themselves. You may either hire a real clown for your party, or you may just add various animals and other circus characters motifs to nearly every aspect of the party. Colourful animal pictures add decorative fun motifs to the party. Top the tables with stuffed animals, even if you can't offer real animals like the circus.


Every party calls for a cake. A colourful buttercream cake would be fun.  The cake may also have a crafted essence of circus, you could opt for a circus-themed cake complete with fondant circus animals on it. You can even rent a popcorn machine, which will add an authentic touch to your carnival circus party.

Make your party a hit with a Kids Corner; a cute set up of mini tables & chairs complete with soft furnishing. The corner will keep the kids occupy minggling around their peers, while the adults catch up on each other. Decoration crafts lend themselves nicely to the theme of circus. Crafts like sand art, sun catcher, ceramic painting and paper crafts will surely keep them busy.


Party favors will send your guests home with a smile. The favor does not need to be expensive. Kids will love almost everything! It's the little things that count and make the difference everytime.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Party Photo Booth

Photo booth takes the cake!

Having a photo booth for parties is one of the best ideas ever! It adds such pure fun to any party! It allows all of the guests to capture happy moments of the day. It's really simple and the experience and photos are well worth it! The best part is that you your backdrop is always customizeable to compliment any theme or season.

A photo booth is the biggest trend now adays for weddings, parties & events accross the country. Who can resist going into a photo booth with friends to smile, pose, laugh and make funny faces? Your friends will have a blast trying different poses. It sort of replaces the guest book, where you go to an event and sign in. The problem with guest book is that, no one will remember a signature, but everyone will always love a good picture!

A photo booth is a great way to add extra life to an event. It will also give your guests a nice momento of the day, letting them keep the photo strips as party favors. No one gets excited with a tea candle and other typical favors, but all of the guests will enjoy taking home great pictures of themselves.Your guests will love looking back at these pictures, remembering how much fun they had at your event.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Kids Buzzar

Calling all little shoppers! Come dressed in your prettiest and trendiest with Mum and Dad in tow for a weekend of fun. Little they may be, but how they play such a large part in our lives as parents. It gives us, mothers ourselves, great pleasure then to welcome you to our inaugural Kids Buzzar ‐a marketplace created especially for the little shoppers among us. A marketplace that caters to their enthusiasm and thirst for all things bright, colourful and fun. Clothes, accessories, snacks, sweets, fun and games await their happy little smileys.

Razzle Dazzle Party Box will be one of the 30 vendors participating in Kids Buzzar. It's happening this weekend! It's going to be fun with activities, exciting games & chalengging contests for everyone. Visit Razzle Dazzle Party Box! There'll be fun food, free gifts, lucky draw & many more great surprises! So, bring every member of the family and let us all have fun this weekend. See you there!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Theme Birthday Party: Safari Madagascar

Kids love animals and having a Madagascar Party would be something that they are going to feel really excited about. When was the last time you took the kids to zoo? If that is something that you have not done in a while then it would be a high time to throw a Madagascar Party!


Madagascar birthday party is an absolute great theme for kids of a wide age range. Tropical colors such as green, orange, yellow and blue are the best coloursto suit the Madagascar party decorations. Creating this special party environment is soo much fun. The Madagascar birthday party table is covered with a theme cloth and set with matching safari stuffs. Animal plush toys are spread around the area. Other "tropical decorations" (e.g., pictures of palm trees and wild animals, green paper streamers, theme-related standees, etc.) are also used to create the jungle atmosphere.


A fun and festive centerpiece can be fashioned by a having a sculptured safari figurine cake, stand beautifully on a roman pillar vase. Party favors are personalized with printed labels of Alex the Lion, Marty the Zebra, Melman the Giraffe and Gloria the Hippo. The Plotting Penguin icing cookies just complete the set!

Playing the Madagascar theme music in the background is a must! A jungle with green streamers draped around the room and hanging from the ceiling could excite the mood. Details could be added up by clustering a couple of coconuts, bananas, a safari hat (pith helmet) and binoculars in the middle of the table.

A personalized Happy Birthday banner is hung on the wall to accentuate the decorated party table. Animal footprints  made from construction paper are scattered around the house to create more excitement. Another great party and photo prop that'll bring the safari animals to life is a life-sized animal buntings. You can choose from a Gorilla, Lion or Tiger and have them guard your party entrance. Then take photos of the kids posing next to the animals and use them for thank you cards.

Looks like a bunch of untamed kids are about to have a wild time at your Madagascar party! Get ready for some ROARING fun!

Monday, October 4, 2010

We are Featured in Yezz! Funky Glamorous Edition

We had the most wonderful opportunity to be featured in Yezz!! October Funky Glamorous Edition. A teenage magazine published by Karangkraf. We are proudly presented in 2 full pages of colourful scrap illustrated Inspirasi section. What a milestone! We'd like to thank everyone for your continuous support, as well as the people who made this media story happen. XOXO

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Theme Birthday Party: Classy Ivory


Classic colors have always created the most breathtaking ambience. Get classy by going monochromatic on neutral color tones but add some small sophisticated touches, and keep it simple. Ivory has always been a popular classy color idea. A colour concept which is elegant yet simple. Every tiny element sets to be classy, elegant, and expensive-looking.


Ivory is perhaps the most versatile and elegant color. Softer on the eye than pure white, it lends a tone of genteel graciousness perfectly suited to any occasion. Besides, it's the ideal complement to virtually any color motif. The look captures the ultimate class on it's own, when fashion reached new heights in the use of lace, embroidery, ornatte patterns and luxurious fabrics. And Ivory sets off all these lovely details with such style!

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Greetings: From London With Love

Razzle Dazzle Party Box have been away to the UK for a couple of weeks. That explains the delay in replying emails, messages & phone calls.
Thousand apologies.

The tour around UK was great. Unlike Malaysia, they've got everything to run a great party ready on the shelves, from party wears, to icing cakes, to goodie bags, all with unbelievably cheap prices! I have always love staying in the UK...

Razzle Dazzle Party Box is now back in business. Hope I have attended to all emails & enquiries. Thank you for the continuos support guys!


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