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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Theme Birthday Party: Cupcake Candy

Your little cupcake is celebrating her big day. Cupcakes are the new hot dessert! and are sooo popular these days as a party cake, you could easily make them into the theme of the party!

Everyone loves cupcakes. They are a great addition to any party and the perfect alternative to the standard birthday cake. This latest trend hitting the dessert table allows guest to indulge in the petite version of cake and offers a great entertaining alternative.

Cupcakes are so adorable that they are the perfect treat to inspire a fun and delicious birthday party for girls of any age! Carry the cupcake theme through the entire birthday celebration from the invitations, to the menu, to the favors!

Cupcakes are a simple and inexpensive parting gift.
Cupcakes double as decor when you serve them on a tiered tray.
Flavor the treat to the guest of honor. Little girls love cupcakes and they love pink, so combine these two loves and have a pink cupcake theme party or try topping the treat with a toy truck for a birthday boy.

Create a "make your own cupcake bar" that serves as an interactive dessert table. Guests can personalize their cupcakes with all the fixings. The best part is this bar is fun for both adults and children. Customize cupcakes according to the theme of your party. Have bowls of different coloured frosting and a variety of sprinkles, candies and edible toppers and let the kids go wild! Don't be surprise, this too will excite the mommies!

Make a cupcake-shaped pinata, filled with sweets, balloons and small toys. It doesn't take long to make, however, you must allow a couple of days for it to dry. I would recommend starting to make the pinata about a week before it's needed. You can decorate the pinata as simply or as creatively as you want.

A game that all children love is "pin the candle on the cupcake ". You can buy fabric versions of the cupcake party game, but a home-made copy that the children can help decorate would certainly initiate the fun in the party. Draw a large cupcake on a sheet of large paper and decorate with lots of color and sparkles. This is a fun game and perfect for a cupcake theme party. Decorating the game could also become a party activity.

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