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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Preview: Lil Bird's Nest

We recently had the most adorable Lil Bird's Nest baby party and it was a hit! Stay tuned for the sweetest deco set up!

Monday, March 21, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Colourful Fairyland

I wish I wish a dream come true...
A fairy party just for you!
Do you believe in fairies? I do, I do...
So let's sprinkle some fairy dust
And make a fairy party wish come true!


Pink, purple, lavender, bright green and yellow - are all pretty colours for a fairyland party. Bouquets of colourful helium balloons with silky ribbon streamers welcome the guests to the fairyland. A banner saying "Welcome to Neverland" is hung at the entrance of the party area. Little signs with a big arrow on each sign and a sentence saying "Fairies and Elves This Way!" are placed along the way towards the entrance. Metallic foil curtains will make the kids feel like they are entering a magical place. Sprinkle some sparkle glitter on the guests as they arrive and get them into the fairy mood right when they come.


Let nature do the decorating! A lovely garden or a bit of woods are ideal settings for a fairy party. The bright colourful colours are used in table covers, balloons, cakes and decorations. The theme table is decorated with bright green table cloth. The solid green table covering is then layered with a net for a pretty effect. It is topped with fairy stones, faux flowers, cute little birdhouse and garden statues such as gnome and animals. Beautiful fairies are included by adding fairy statues, dolls and figurines, fairy houses, and other sparkly things. Every fairy party needs a dust of  glitter. Flower wreath and flower garlands are hung for a prettier effect.

For an extra touch of magic, fairy wings are fixed at the back of alternate chairs. The guests will look like they have wings when ever they sit on one! ;)


A mini 2-tiered wedding style cake with a fairy figurine on top makes a perfect fairy birthday cake. Bright colourful icing decorates it beautifully according to the theme. The cupcakes are topped with fairyland figurines like wild mushrooms, magical fairies, butterflies and garden flowers that will surely excite the little  fairies and elves at your party.

For a final special touch, add in our personalized favors like chocolate bars, water bottles, stickers and bag tags which may be printed with a special message or your guests' name to personalize their favor bags. Just choose a design and we'll do the rest!


Little girls love the magical enchantment of fairy parties. Organize a fairy party to make your little fairy feel fabulous on her special day! And let the guests flutter down to this fanciful party of yours! 


Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Construction

Block off the construction zone, put on your construction hats and safety boots, ride on the dump truck, and build the perfect Construction Party for the little boys around!

Let's start off with creative invitations that can surely help build excitement before a party. Wordings like "Come ready to move dirt and swing a hammer! There's construction work to be done!" are used to give a clue to the guests of the fun time they'll be having at the party.

The fun begins as soon as the guests arrive at the party location. Construction site signs with sayings like "Construction Ahead" and "Dig In" are hung on the walls. Large toy trucks are placed at the entrance to welcome guests and also to store gifts and favors for the little ones. Greet your guests with yellow construction hats & work aprons as party favors.


Long strips of yellow and black "Warning: Birthday Zone!" caution tape is hung accross the front door like a curtain to help set the mood. It is also placed around the party themed table. Bulldozer, cement truck, dump truck and the front end loader tractor often excite little boys. These construction vehicles make excellent centrepieces.  Toy traffic cones complete the table decoration.


Yellow diamond shaped caution signs are great party decor for the theme. They are placed everywhere around the party area as fun tags and labels. Traffic signs are also brilliant decorations. Balloons are always a hit! Theme coloured balloon bouquets are tied to toy trucks and placed throughout the party area.


Thank your guests for attending your party by giving them fun party favors that match your construction party theme. Toy trucks, miniature tools, candies and stickers all stuffed in a matching tool bag!


For a special touch, the personalized construction party favors, such as stickers, bag labels and 3d nested cupcake tags are designed to match the theme specially for the birthday boy.

A Construction Party is great for kids who can't get enough of trucks and dirt. Games such as the Treasure Excavation may keep your little partygoers busy. Have them dig through the rocky sand to find lost treasure. Printed out construction colouring pages is also a good idea. They will surely keep the kids busy decorating.

A Big Foot truck pinata is hung at a corner as a decoration before the activity starts. The pinata is a readymade hit complete with fillers of candies and miniature toys. Pinata fun time always wraps up the day with a whole lot of goodies to take home!

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