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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Theme Birthday Party: Splish Splash Pool Party!

Pool parties offer a sociable way to cool down and have some fun. Here are some steps to help you jump right in. Use large, colored index cards for the invitations, and hand-deliver or wire them to friends and family. Remind guests to bring towels, bathing suits, goggles and colourful fun floaties. Name the party for what theme you would like: common themes are BBQs and Luaus or just mainly Splish Splash!

Set up the table with bright tablecloths, hula skirts and colorful paper plates, cuttleries and napkins. Create catchy centrepieces! Dress up your pool by surrounding it with inflatable palm trees and cover the surface with rubber duckies, balloons and bright colourful balls. All of the floaties can then be given away as party favors.

Keep dining simple by putting out large platters of assorted finger foods you don’t need to restock. Start with snacks like tortilla chips and salsa, pita chips and hummus, and potato chips with onion dip. Keep platters of freshly cooked pizzas, cheeseburgers and hot dogs on the table at all times. Cut assorted sandwiches into bite-size pieces.

To make your pool party extra cool, plan some activities geared to your guests. Buy some inner tubes and foam noodles they can splash around with or fill your pool with beach balls and floating rafts that will then create exciting games.

Say "thanks for coming", with fun and unique party favors. Add a Flip-flop decorating activity to the party and they'll have a fun gift to take home. It's easy with inexpensive flip flops, ribbons, silk flowers and beads. A bottle of fun sun-screen, small beach ball or a squirt gun and a few sweet treats has always been a favourite. Place the items in a plastic sand pail. Fill a plastic poolside cup with a lip sun block and bright colored candies. A beach towel and sunglasses for each guest, will make a special party favor for smaller parties. However, it can be costly if your guest list is larger than a few children.

It's essential to have adults supervising the pool festivities at all times. Consider hiring a professional lifeguard to monitor your pool. You could also appoint some friends or family to help you monitor. The most important rule of thumb is to have a few adults be willing to watch the swimmers at all times. Have a phone on hand at all times in case of an emergency.

Above all the preparation, there's always the weather that takes charge. Keep an inflatable pool standby so you could party rain or shine!


Monday, July 6, 2009

Baby Shower: Tickled Blue!

Baby showers can be described as a celebration of new life, family and love. They bring people together and, no matter how much stress was present beforehand, it seems to evaporate with the introduction of fun games, yummy food, and the topic of babies. A newborn is a symbol of renewal, love and happiness, and the baby shower is a special opportunity for friends and family to join in on the momentous occasion of welcoming a new life.

The modern baby shower traces back many hundreds of years to when people would bring helpful gifts to new mothers. Although there was no actual party, it was only a matter of time before these little celebrations evolved into baby showers as we know them today where they are not only a way to welcome the new baby but also a time to celebrate family!

Traditionally, once the baby had reach a month in age, he or she would be introduced to all the mother’s friends and family. Generally, this time-honored tradition was linked with a major event such as the aqiqah and cukur jambul or the baby’s christening. As the years went by, women began celebrating their newest bundles of joy even before they were born. Victorian women in the late 19th century would often host tea parties for the expecting mothers in their lives, and it quickly became a common practice.

The 20th century saw the greatest changes in the baby shower, bringing it from simple tea parties to their modern form. Although still commonly attended by women only, showers no longer have to be exclusively female. It is increasingly an acceptable option to invite close male family/friends and children too. In today’s world, there are all sorts of unique families, and for every one of them there is a different ‘right way’ to hold the party -- however the essence is always the same -- a celebration of life, love and family.

A loveable designer diaper cake would be a fabulous gift for the mom-to-be and also a spectacular baby shower centrepiece. Second only to the glowing new Mom, the unique diaper cake centerpiece will be the center of attention. Practical, each diaper cake is created with dozens of fluffy diapers, and artfully ornamented with a wide assortment of premium-quality baby items. Every bit of the diaper cake is usable. It’s a total fun! It sets the theme for the baby shower, plus it’s a guaranteed icebreaker. Everyone will be talking about the smart choice of a gorgeous diaper cake centerpiece. It will totally create lasting memories while proving the host's exquisite taste and sense of style.

It is always an added bonus to give party favors, small gifts for the guests. As usual, Razzle Dazzle came out with the customized items all according to theme and colour. This time around, the favors are all set in a beautiful white baskets with personal name tags specially meant for the guests. A cute and cuddly little bear and other sweet delicacies left every and each guests overwhelmed with the urge to be pregnant again! ;D

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