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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas to all our fans and customers. Hope everyone had a fantastic time full of festive fun with  family and friends.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Baby Party: Lil Cowboy Buckaroo!

YEEHAH! It's a boy! A lil Cowboy Baby Shower gives the new baby a big yodel hey welcome! Every boy loves a good rodeo. Also known as a western themed baby shower or a rodeo baby shower, there are many wonderful elements to make a cowboy themed shower come to life!

Fantastic decoration is a must have in a successful theme based baby shower! The wall hangings, balloons, centerpiece and the like, will work together with the other components of the shower, so as to display your theme to the fullest!

You have lots of options when it comes to centerpiece. Shower the theme party table with greeneries. Scatter cactus confetti for a fun addition to your cowboy table decorations! To add some more final touches, add some wildflowers, sunflowers or daisies. If you have cactus plants that will fit your table, then bring them out! And you just happen to have some horse figurines, then those will also be great! Or you could also have a cake shaped like a horse or a cowboy hat.

If you want a fun centerpiece, consider taking a cowboy boot or hat, and then arranging a variety of beautiful fresh flowers in it to make a beautiful arrangement.

Movie posters and pictures of anything western should decorate your walls. If you have posters of your favorite country singers, pictures of horses, the desert, buffalos, and cowboys, then you will have no problem on what your wall hangings should be.

The baby display could show a rocking horse, or if you don't find that cute, then a baby riding a rocking horse and wearing a big cowboy hat might be what you are looking for.

Invite friends and family to saddle up, mosey on down, and have some fun at the cowboy party decorated with western personalized party supplies. Set your western party scene with burlap, saloon accents, cutout animals, and other cowboy accessories. 

Guests always look forward to dessert. Don't disappoint with this adorable cowboy themed cake and beautiful hand crafted cupcakes that give a great touch to a cowboy baby shower!

Choose a dominant color for your shower room. Anything leather and western-looking items are great. You could also play country music to add to your cowboy atmosphere. Add some cow print balloons to add the country touch to the party. Motives of red western bandanna patterns are perfect for a cowboy themed party. The bright colours will surely bring in the mood for the cowboys to party!

Cutouts of farm animals can be used as backdrops as well. Start with cut outs shaped like cowboy hats, rocking horse, and boots for your room hangings. If you still have vacant spaces, then cactus-shaped cardboards are great additions. 

Don’t forget to offer your cowboy party guests cowboy party hats, western bandannas and sheriff's badges. If you wanna go all out, have a customized backdrop of a cowboy town or have a cowboy party western boot balloon arch. Set out western party apparel for cowboy party guests to put on when having their pictures taken in front of the backdrop. And this my favorite, have some photo props & 'wanted' posters around the room. For example bubble props of cowboy popular shout outs and posters such as "Wanted...This Baby to be Born!" or "Wanted...Mary to be a Mom!" or something like that.


Western menu could be as snappy as fried chicken and pizza, fit for a western rodeo. You could also opt for a line of BBQ buffet. This may nclude hot dogs, baked sweet potatoes, cucumber salad and corn on the cob. Consider serving up lemonade for the beverage and maybe some good old fashioned root beer or sarsaparillas. Please your western party buckaroos by placing small bowls filled with salsa and chips inside of upside down colored cowboy hats.

Honor each cowboy party partner with a classic red or blue western bandanna and a unique glass boot mug. Reward children at your cowboy party with packages of personalized favours of chocolate bars, milk bottles & gold digger coins. Wordings like "Lil Cowboys' Milk" will surely carve a smile on each and every cowboy party guest of yours.

If at all possible, pick up a few bales of hay to display sporadically around the party area or along the entryway. If you're having the shower outdoor, use bales of hay for the seats. These will set a fantastic scene of the wild west for your party area. Wish we could get those hay easily here in Malaysia!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Enchanting Princess

Hear ye! Hear ye! Queens & Kings! Summon your court and carriage, for the princess party ideas thy seek are all right here! Once upon a time, a little girl wished upon a star for an enchanting princess party. Below are some ideas to help you create a royal affair full of wonder and make believe for your special little princess.

Girls' birthday parties can be so much fun to plan and shop for, especially when the theme is so clearly defined. Princess parties make you think of once upon a time stories.

Decorate the table with pink tulle fabric and a sprinkling of silver stars down the middle. Silver napkins and cutlery can be used on the table. Use teacups and plastic wine glasses for the girls to drink hot chocolate and apple cider. A cupcake holder and a variety of large platters give the table a royal feel.

Have your table setup the Razzle Dazzle way! Our kids table setup is the only one in Malaysia which offers  tiny petite tables and chairs, covered with matching chair covers and tied with ribbon bows and sparkle netting accross the top of each chair back. The ribbon knots are shaped beautifully. We leave them long and let the tail trails on the floor. A colourful balloon may be tied to each guest's chair just to add more colours to the party scene.

Welcome your royal guests with a grand pink carpet entrance into the party. Balloons always create a festive atmosphere, and can be sent home with the guests as an extra treat. You might even like to let your princess keep a balloon table centerpiece in her room for a few days after the party.

Have our castle tower decorations in the center of the hall. Set the scene in royal splendor for the fairest little princesses attending your princess ball. Their hearts are sure to beat faster as they enter the land of enchantment. Dress up the party area with pink and purple, with a touch of glittery faerie dust thrown in. Add a few special touches to personalized your table. Sprinkle sparkle powder and shimmer stars on the tabletop. The leftover shimmer stars can be used to line a walkway, hang on the walls and even used in a craft to make wands.
Have a whimsical princess throne where it is always the perfect place for the birthday princess to enjoy her birthday cake, open presents, or simple entertain her royal subjects.

Personalized centrepiece party displays make the party area looks more coordinated. Have assorted princess standees stand tall on each and every table welcoming your guests. The welcome table is made perfect with party displays and of course giveaway party favors. A welcome board is always another option for a classier effect.

Have a real life birthday party princess turn up at your princess' party for a real surprise! Hire our princess party entertainer to host your birthday ball. Put your feet up and let us take care of the rest. A princess birthday party host can either dressed in Disney princess gowns such as Cinderella/Belle or even royal gowns to suit your party.

Our princess party entertainer will tell a story, conduct games and entertain your little princess with songs and ballroom dance. With our huge castle backdrop, a photo session may also be conducted. Personalized photo props would spice up the excitement of your royal guests.

These princess party games would be a hit at a little girl's birthday bash.

Grand entrance - On arrival, each princess is adorned with a treasure from the dress-up box and then has her photo taken. Music can also enhance the arrival.

Magic wishing well - Gather guests together and have a bubble machine blowing. Encourage kids to dance around and catch as many bubbles as they can while making secret wishes. A great way to get kids warmed up to party games.
Musical thrones - Musical chairs.

Princess make over - There will be someone to put makeup on the princesses for their pictures they will be getting crowns.

Dancing statues - Get the princesses to dance around to classical or pop music and freeze when the music stops.

Pass the parcel - Use pink wrapping paper and make sure that each layer has a princess goodie.

Princess pampering - With our nail parlour booth, have the tiny nails painted body glittered.

Decorate cupcakes - We prepare the cupcakes and have your guests decorate using their favourite lollies and sprinkles.

Pin the crown - Hold up a Disney poster and pin a tiara on the princess.

Watch a movie - Have your favourite Disney Princess movie projected all along.

Art & craft - Make a crown or an edible necklace or bracelet.

Pinata - An all time favourite!

Princess parties only come once in a lifetime and you want to make it one that your little princess will remember forever!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Under The Sea

Dive under the waves into a magical underwater world filled with colorful fish, shells, dancing octopus and mermaids for a wondrous birthday celebration! We've got everything you need to decorate and celebrate in an enchanted world, where everyone will adore!

Your first decision will be whether to hold your party at your own home or somewhere else. You can plan a great party at home, complete with ocean party decorations, activities, and food that fit your theme. If you choose a different location, an aquarium or swimming pool might be a good choice.


All little ones love bubbles! Welcome your guests with a spray of bubbles. A bubble machine is best to blow out loads of bubble at the party goers. Your guests will be transported to a fantasy world that they won’t want to leave.


Have a wall decorated with colourful cute sea creatures. Include your children in choosing their favourite animals, cutting the figures out and also pasting them around the party area. This will help boost their creativity and confidence. They will feel very much appreciated.

Add dazzle to your entrance by having a welcome board with class showcasing the mermaid/merman of the day. It's the trendiest way instead of just having the conventional bunting. It is of course personalizable to the theme. You may have it with your child's picture or a design to suit to your theme.

The party area is transformed to an enchanting underwater scene. A color scheme of aqua, lilac & green bring the ocean to the space. Balloons can economically transform any room, backyard or park into a festive space in a matter of minutes. Create beautiful illusion of bubbles in your ocean, and you’ll fill the room with “ooohs and aaahs”.

A huge backdrop of our Under The Sea image would be perfect to set up the mood. The space is now truly becoming an underwater scene! Cover the tables with aqua. Table tops will susually provide a very large surface area and covering them with a themed tablecloth is the easiest way to change the feel of a room. It is also the most cost effective way to decorate. A couple of tables covered with a under the sea themed table cloth will transform your event location into an under the sea fantasy.

Setting a table with the thematic personalized party ware, including the tablecloth, cups, plates, napkins, cutlery and thematic decorative items is the best way to create a focal point in a room, beautifully creating a place setting at the table for each guest. A great water accent is to have glass fish bowls filled with real or pretend fish. Your guetsts will be astonished with the decorations!

Our ever popular personalized items - a must have! accentuate the buffet table. Centrepiece party displays, petite mineral bottles, milk chocolate bars and cotton candy buckets are party favors accessorized with personalized die cut birthday tags and colourful wrappers and stickers. A twist of fun is then added by using thematic captions like 'sea water' and 'fish baits'. Will surely be a hit at your party!


Have a theme table which displays all the essential birthday delicacies. An aqua coloured cake is perfect for the theme. Sea creatures and play beach toys are the perfect elements to embellish your Under The Sea cake. Cupcakes, icing biscuits and macaroons coloured according to your theme beautifies the perfect theme table.

Display your birthday cake in the center of the table…the kids will love the close up view!

Can't afford a home swimming pool? Have a portable swimming pool instead set up in your garden, furnished with water guns, beach balls and giant floaties. It's easy to come up with Under the Sea games for the swimming pool. For kids that can swim under water, scatter some rubber squirt sea cratures at a depth that is comfortable for the kids swimming abilities. Have each guest take turns scooping up the sea creatures with the net in one breath.

Set up a kiddie swimming pool filled with beach sand for the babies to enjoy some fun playtime. They will have lots of fun just by building sand castles.


If time permits, take your guests on a trip to your local aquarium to learn about everyday life under the sea! Many aquariums offer tours and programs especially for children. Perhaps your guests will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Nemo!

Thank your guests with aquatic party favors! You can give one large favor, such as tickets to a local aquarium, or combine smaller favors such as ocean stickers, mini fish bean bag toys, fish stationary sets, assorted candies, and other ocean party favors. Beach pails & shovels make perfet gifts. Place all of these items in assorted colour baskets and complete them with your personalized tag tied with ribbons.

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