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Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Theme Birthday Party: Ahoy! It's a Pirate Party!

Ahoy ye hearties and avast thy chase for a booty of pirate party ideas are right here on this site which marks the X. Look no further. Prepare for an adventure on the high Pirate birthday party seas with these swashbuckling ideas that'll blow you outta the water!


 Be ready to transform your home into a Caribbean Port and your garden into a pirate ship. Be ready to give your imagination an artistic boost. Make it a a once in a lifetime party that everyone will remember!


 Set the mood with great decorations like a  pirate ship, a Jolly Roger flag flying on a ship's mast and some scattered skeletons lying dead. Fashion a poster on the door saying "AHOY! Welcome Aboard!" or "Pirates Only!" or even "Beware of Pirates! Enter At Your Own Risk!". Greet your guests with an eye patch and a bandana or a pirate hat upon arrival to bring them into the theme.


The colour scheme for a pirate party will usually be black and red. Cover the party table in black or red and accent with streamers, balloons and confetti. Scatter gold chocolate or plastic coins and plastic jewels.


Hang fishing nets around the area (you can also use the nets over any kind of tablecloth for your tables). Stick rubber fishes, seahorses, plastic oyster shells, lobsters and crabs in the fish net. And for that eerie pirate birthday party atmosphere, hang up all kinds of skeletons.


Make this swashbuckling Pirate Ship Cake or the Treasure Chest Cake and you'll have all of the party goers howling, "Shiver me timbers!"

It won't be a pirate birthday party without a treasure chest. If you don't have one or something resembling one, you can definitely make your own. Fill it with gold chocolate coins, gummy fish, starburst candies (they look like little treasures), colored beaded necklaces and a lot of other cool treasures.


There are many exciting pirate ice braker games and activities to choose from, such as Walk The Plank, X Marks The Spot, Treasure Toss, Sword Fight and Pirate's Treasure Hunt. Art and Craft keeps the children occupied. Provide materials for them to make their own colourful pirate flags, favor box treasure chests, toilet roll telescopes and baby oil ocean in a bottle.

Last but not least, add excitement to this adventure with a pirate themed pinata, a parrot standing on their way or a treasure chest pinata at the end of the journey. Fill your pinata with coins and candy.


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