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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Theme Birthday Party: Classy Ivory


Classic colors have always created the most breathtaking ambience. Get classy by going monochromatic on neutral color tones but add some small sophisticated touches, and keep it simple. Ivory has always been a popular classy color idea. A colour concept which is elegant yet simple. Every tiny element sets to be classy, elegant, and expensive-looking.


Ivory is perhaps the most versatile and elegant color. Softer on the eye than pure white, it lends a tone of genteel graciousness perfectly suited to any occasion. Besides, it's the ideal complement to virtually any color motif. The look captures the ultimate class on it's own, when fashion reached new heights in the use of lace, embroidery, ornatte patterns and luxurious fabrics. And Ivory sets off all these lovely details with such style!

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