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Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Theme Party: Bon Jour Paris!


Bonjour! Make your party manifigue with a perfect setup in Paris theme. The Paris theme is always a hit with its romantic, European flair. Everyone dreams of an evening in the City of Lights - Razzle Dazzle Party Box gives you the opportunity to fulfill those dreams through a Paris theme party.


A Paris theme party makes for magnifique nights! When planning your decorations, envision a stroll down the boulevard with the beautiful Eiffel Tower and city skyline as your backdrop, or a beautiful outdoor café surrounded by fresh flowers and charming bistro tables. 

Surround your friends in the style of Paris with french party sets and Paris party wears accent your party set up! Turn formals into romantic escapes with our party wearables which include tableware, decorations, and invitations. Your Paris party is the affair to remember!


Paris table decorations are a great way to add a chic look to the whole affair. Razzle Dazzle Party Box has several Paris table setting options to create the romantic elegance of Paris for your guests. Themed decorations and party favors enchant guests into relaxing and enjoying the fun.  Make chic and fun design luggages as your table centrepiece as it shouts Bon Voyage! for a romantic get away of people who travels all around the world to Paris. Vintage frames presents your art work and photos in a classy way. Elegant, the Eiffel Tower table lamp adds more ambience, warmth and romance to your Paris theme party.


Paris is such an incredible place to relax and enjoy pastries at an outdoor bistro overlooking the cities landmarks - it makes a perfect setting to recreate in your own home or the nearby hall.

 Make a grand entrance to your Paris party theme with Le Jardin Arc de Triomphe. Greet your Mademoiselles with a welcome board designed to be a blackboard menu of a french café to create an authentic French party feeling.

You can't have a Paris themed party without Macarons! Macarons are decadently rich French cookies usually come in a variety of colors and flavors. Our sinful macarons come in chocolate, rose, peanut butter, coffee, cream cheese, strawberry and orange ganache. Yum! Have your desserts showcased in beautiful silver crystal jars and stands, sealed with personalized tags tied with ribbons.


Quench your sweet tooth with desserts like marshmallows, chocolate bars, rock candies and sparkling Lorina. These are party delicacies that you may treat your guests with. Stylize these delicacies with personalized tags with Parisian captions like Bonjour! and Je' Taime. Add colors, stripes and polcadots, have them laced with ribbons.


France party supplies like Paris personalized tags and wrappers are sure to inspire romance with its elegant and classy, French party look. Encircle your Parisian party guests with Paris theme votives and Parisian murals. Display Eiffel Towers that seems to whisper, "Je t'aime"!


Although you can't transport your guests to a party at the base of the Eiffel Tower, you can cast the charm of the city's spell at your party. Let your taste buds travel to France with gorgeous Eiffel Tower cookiepops and corset icing cookies decorated with fondant in a raised motif of black and pink. Treat your guests with our mouthwatering chocolate moist beautiful pregnant cake and lemon vanilla gorgeous mini cakes, for them to just adore and indulge in the soft and creamy guiltless taste.


When it comes to food for your event, it really is possible for it to be elegant and economical at the same time. We will be able to make suggestions on the perfect menu that will fit your budget. With a buffet meal, you and your guests will be able to mingle and converse more easily than at a sit-down dinner. Serve easy-to-eat finger foods that will lend a casual, comfortable feeling to your event. You'll also want to have a variety of French cheeses and desserts at a Paris themed party. 


Express the grandeur of the Eiffel Tower by adhering a Eiffel Tower wall graphic to an expanse of seamless paper which covers an otherwise empty wall space. For subtle sophistication have a personalized pennant over a picture frame of the City of Lights. The stripes of black and pink accentuate the perfect Paris theme. Ooh La La!

Give your party a Parisian Flair. The main activity for this sweet and romantic gathering is really great eats and wonderful conversation, but sometimes just a small activity or two can really make the party one that is filled with memories to last for a long time.

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