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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Theme Birthday Party: Superheroes!

Up, up and away! Save the world and your party with our Superhero party theme! You don't have to be a super parent to put this party together. We have lots of super ideas to help you. So jump in the nearest phone booth, pull on your mask and tie on your cape, because it's Super-party-time. An action packed Supehero party will have the kids saving the world in no time.

We offer personalized Superhero party supplies which include a wide range of paperware, personalized invitations and favors, as well as decorations for your party theme. Start by having personalized Superhero invitation, be it Marvel characters or creative cartoons.


Superhero Invitation Cards

A really SUPER party starts with colorful decorations! The party tables are covered in reds, blues, yellows and other Superhero colors accented with streamers, balloons and confetti. Superhero action figures stand tall as the main decor, stand tall on 3D skyscrapers, on the theme table placed amongst the food. A huge crest of the Superboy's initial, the Super D logo is hung on the wall as the backdrop.  The mood for the party is added up with great decorations like Superhero posters, music, and party supplies.

Superhero Decor Theme Table

Check out our exclusive personalized striking colourful items and party favors including invitations, chocolate bar and water bottle wrappers, party bags and boxes, standees, cupcake toppers, pennants and banners, stickers, and more! They are all personalized, with Superhero action words on them, such as "POW!" "ZAP!" and "BAM! You could even have the Superhero characters on them. Anything! We make everything possible for you!

Your Superguests will be superfascinated with this gorgeous 2tier Superhero birthday cake. City skyline by the bottom tier topped with another tier with Superhero mini standees trying to save the day. Sure to be a hit at your party! The birthday cake pulls double duty as a decoration and refreshment.

Have superfantastic petite tables and chairs setup for your Superheroes. The Superheroes (and Superheroins!) will certainly enjoy the Superhero decorated scene. The all time favourite Superheroes' party supplies of Batman, Superman and Spiderman will surely transport them into a world of excitement!

Superhero themed plates, cups, soviets and bottles wrappers complete the kid's table line up. You could also hang a Superhero cape and mask on the back of each chair alongside the party table.If your guests wish, they can wear their capes during the party and take them home afterwards.

Have posters of Superheroes hung on walls around the party area. Have the posters personalized with the birthday boy as the main character. He'll be honoured and very much appreciated! It's his special day after all.

What is a party without balloons. Balloons add colours to any event!

Get the kids to come dressed as their favorite superhero and/or have the adults at the party in costume. There are so many action heroes from Batman, Spiderman, Superman, The Incredibles and more, that you won't have any difficulty persuading the kids to come dressed up for this party. They could also bring their favorite action figure. Let guest use their own imagination to "Save the Day"!

A DIY photo backdrop is set up by a corner. A super black cloth as the background and cutout cloud shapes just to add some contrast. Sticky notes are then glued on mounting boards to create windows resembling buildings of the city skyliners. And of course coulourful balloons to give a cheerful effect to the event.

Superheroes who came to save the day!


And not forgetting the ever so cute Superbabies!

Keep the kids occupied with games and activities. A colouring corner is always a favourite. Boys and girls of all ages absolutely enjoy colouring. If your children loves the water, let them indulge themselves with water games. Devide them into 2 groups of Superheroes and villains and let them play water fight! Boys will never resist a fight! You could also have a cape-decorating workshop at the party. Prepare colourful materials such as felt and alphabet diecuts for them to decorate their own capes and masks.That could be party favors for them to take home too!


What Superhero party is complete without a Superhero Training camp and some bad guy busting games. Games like Mr. Freeze Dance, Pass the Kryptonite, Spiderwalk and Superhero puzzle hunt. Games add excitement to the party and provide a time for everyone to interact.


 And last but not least, the Party Favors!

Thank your guests with super party favors in super party bags! Some of the favors we have include:
  • Superhero stickers
  • Superhero capes
  • Superhero stationeries
  • Superhero activity books
  • Superhero crayons
  • Superhero temporary tattoos
  • Superhero jigsaw puzzles
  • Superhero masks


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