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Monday, January 10, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Little Mermaid

Take a trip under the sea with a Mermaid Party. The idea is to create an under water world experience. Think Disney Little Mermaid! Under the water, shades of blue, green and teal. You will have all your guests feeling like they’ve finally reached never-never-land!

Decorations for your Little Mermaid party should be fun and vibrant, bringing to life the under the sea flavor of the movie.

The room is decorated using colors of aqua, blue and green. Party tables are covered with ocean blue table cloth. A fishnet is then draped over the party table and decorated with starfish, large jewels and sparkle confetti. Shells are placed in glass bowls filled with crystal cubes and also left scattered on the tables as confetti. A bubble machine is kept running at the entrance. Themed music like songs from the Disney Little Mermaid Soundtrack is played all along.


A glittery backdrop made of blue turquoise fabric will provide an instant ocean backdrop. Little Mermaid danglers are added to the decorations to create dimensions. They are hanged from the ceiling for an awesome floating effect that makes the most of the decorating space. Squiggle seaweed is a fantastic decoration for this party. The seaweed makes a great accent to entrances or scattered around the room. They are paired with a backdrop of water patterned gossamer decorating material for a really awesome effect. Crepe and shimmery paper creates great underwater effect. Each little mermaid guest would feel like entering an underwater palace.

Balloon sculptures accentuates the underwater effect. Squiggle green and purple balloons would make the best seaweed. Columns of blue and green metallic balloons give a colourful effect to the background. Transparent pearl balloons are hanged in clusters from the ceiling like bubbles. Standee dolphin foils make the party comes alive.

A blue iced cake with a mermaid in the center will absolutely be a hit!


There are plenty of mermaid party ideas to keep the little mermaids (and mermen) amused. Crafts, games and activities and entertainment that are simple for even the youngest mermaid (or merman) guest includes a treasure hunt, sand art, pinata, nail art and of course makeovers. Even though each mermaid cannot get any more beautiful, every mermaid (and merman) has a beauty regime of hair styling, make up and face painting. A photo of each girl (and boy) could be given away as party favors when they’ve been made over mermaid (or merman) style! The guests could also do crafts, such as making their own pasta shell necklaces or windchimes, shimmering crowns, paint shells & window crafts.


Treat the mermaids (and mermen) with these fun underwater delights. Soft warm pasta shells, sweet crunchy seashell shaped peanut butter sandwich, mouth watering tuna pizza, colourful swirly cupcakes and blue oceanic punch! The snacks are best served in plastic sand pails, sand castle molds, fish and shell shaped dishes.


The best thing in holding out a party is having it thematic all the way from the start, as early as in choosing the venue. Children will certainly remember a great party. Watching the fish and rays is always mesmerizing, escpecially when there's a scuba diver feeding the beautiful fishes. A rare unforgetable experience!

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