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Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Theme birthday Party: Twilight Saga

True love is forever...
and if you're a fan of Team Jacob or Team Edward,
then this is a party you will remember forever!


Decorating ideas for the Edward and Bella Party may be taken right off the Twilight book covers. Twilight, this book has hands holding an apple against a black background. The second novel in the Saga, New Moon, has a Parrot Tulip in red and white. The third novel in the Saga, Eclipse, has a piece of red satin ribbon against a black background. The final Novel in the Saga, Breaking Dawn, has a white Chess Queen and a red Pawn against a black background. So it looks like the color scheme should be red, black and white. What an intense backdrop this color scheme will create for your party.


There are a few main elements in setting up this particular theme party. Red, black and white are the "team" colors for Twilight. The Twilight ambience is created with twinkle light and candles. Lighting is always a key in creating the atmosphere. Plenty of candles, both tealights and block candles are used. Famous quotes from the book and movie are framed, totally as eyecatchers! A classy touch is added by scattering some dark red acrylic sea glass along the theme table.


The theme table centrepiece is of course the red velvet cake inspired by all four book covers. The cupcakes with vampire bites and flashing red gel driping down by the side like blood really make a statement about Bella and Edwards love. Every each comes with a 2" circular party embellishments of personalized themed cupcake toppers. They stand in three different designs, Edward, Jacob and Bella. It's exciting to see which design is taken out first!


Chocolate wrappers and blood themed water bottle labels are also personalized with the elements of all four book covers. Any red drinks like strawberry or any other red concoctions the store shelves have to offer can pass for Type A and Type B.


Twilight goodie bag fillers include vampire fangs, battery operated red devil horns, red juicy apples, clappers, horns, LED finger pointers, glow stick bangles and candy in cellophane bags with personalized rectangular favor tags. Each of the tags is labeled with an Eclipse-themed word + “treats” (i.e. vampire treats, newborn treats, wolf treats, etc).


Create additional fun by making your own blood dripping candles. They are actually easy and inexpensive, but creepy! Go bedazzled with stand up cutouts. Life size stand ups of Edward, Jacob and Bella. Won't that be an amazing site for your party guests to see. Imagine their shock when they see Edward, Jacob or Bella standing in the party room =0

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