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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Strawberry Shortcake

Let's take a walk through Strawberry Land.


Plan a Strawberry Shortcake birthday party for your favorite little girl and you'll be entering a world of sweet smells and amazing flavors. Take a trip to Strawberry Land and see how Strawberry Shortcake can help you get the birthday party started.


Strawberry Shortcake had her start in the late ’70s and made several comebacks. Girls adore her sweet style, her bright pink ensemble, and her infamous giggle. She’s sweet and wholesome and a great choice for a birthday party theme for little girls.

Decorating your party area can be as fun as the actual Strawberry Shortcake birthday party itself. Strawberry Shortcake birthday decorations are extremely cute! The decorations are perfect for little fans that are up for a berry berry pretty party!


Colors of red, pink, and green fits in perfectly for this party. A welcome board on a tripod is placed in front of the party venue letting everyone know there's a party held at the Strawberry Land. Balloons are always instant greeters and never fail to cheer up a party. The area is transformed  into a personal garden with balloon sculptures of cute bright colourful flowers & lolly plants. Fresh flowers are beautifully arranged in pink pail buckets mixed with colourful lollypops and placed around the party area to give the fresh sweet smell and amazing flavours to the surrounding. Excellent decor!


The table is covered with red checked table cloth and topped with a lighter colour of pink with motives of tiny strawberries. Both sides of the fabric are then tied with ribbons at the front for a cuter effect. Personalized party favors are nicely arranged on the table which instantly create a themed table. Each side of the table is arranged with favors of different colours, red and green respectively. Red really stands out and make the party table berry pretty!


Instead of having shaped cupcake toppers, this time we had Strawberry Shortcake herself to be the topper. Mini standees of Strawberry Shortcake really made the attractions and was a hit at the party. She was standing tall on a bed of grass garnished with tiny daisies. How cute is that?!


A candy buffet is then created by adding in candies like gumballs, jelly and chocolate bars. All placed in tall glass jars, glass bowls, ceramic trays & colourful pink and green baskets tagged with matching ribbons and personalized themed tags. The candy buffet is then accentuated with a personalized pennant banner of the birthday girl hung to the wall. Perfect is just the word to describe!


Young children love doing things on their own. Maybe even more so if their efforts involve handling sweets. Cupcake Decorating is a fun boys' and girls' party activity that combines the two. It is an easy and inexpensive way to get the kids excited, and keep them seated when it's time to have dessert. Before eating, they will love being little cake designers as they create their very own cupcake designs. Tubes of colored icing are set at the table with bowls of several different toppings which include M&Ms, jelly beans, colored sugar, multi-colored sprinkles, fondant figurines, edible coloured beads and shiny pearls.


Another idea is to have a Kid's Corner. The kids are kept occupied with printable activities such as the colouring pages, activity or worksheets and also paper crafts.  All according to the theme. Writing and colouring utensils are arranged nicely, convenient for the kids to take a grab.


Favor baskets are too cute to resist! Coloured baskets are filled with love and themed favors for family and friends to take home as remembrance of a great time at the party. These baskets also offer great use during the piñata break out. Little kids can just fill up their baskets with the treats and favors gathered from the spilled piñata. Games are conducted to make sure the lil ones had great fun at the party while the adults catch up on each other. Presents are prepared for the top 3 winners of each game. What is a party without fun and laughter!

The most important thing to remember when planning a party is that preparation is the key! START PLANNING EARLY at least a month in advance so that at party time you can relax and enjoy being the birthday parent. Let Razzle Dazzle do all the dirty jobs!

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