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Friday, June 24, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Moroccan Arabian Night

Remember the Enchanted Arabian Night we organized for a baby's 1st birthday celebration? This time we are featuring a similar one for a teen aged 10!


Let's rub the genie lamp, grab the magic carpet and take a ride into this mysterious and magical Moroccan Theme Party!

The overall color theme of this Arabian Night is created with rich and vibrant hues of purples, golds, turqoises, teals and reds. The look of a palace is created by draping fabric in these colors from the ceiling
and hanging them in doorways. Colourful sheer see-through fabric works best for an Arabian Night party. Persian rugs are scattered throughout the party area to replicate magic carpets. The theme table is covered using damask fabric in rich gold and deep purple tablecloths.

Genie bottles and lamps are placed throughout the party area to help add to the atmosphere. Oil lamps, incense, and hookahs bring in the authentic look. Touches of gold are used wherever on the tabletop, things such as genie lamp with the addition of golden jeweled goblet. Empty bottles or teapots decorated in gold paint can also double as 'magic lamps'. Gold crowns represents power & legitimacy of the royal empire.

A 2-tier novelty Arabian themed cake specially designed for the birthday princess with a genie lamp fondant figurine is a perfect centrepiece decor for the theme table. Opt for a different unique touch with mini cakes instead of the normal cupcakes. The mini cakes are shaped in forms of arabian cushions embellished with tassels and studs, topped with personalized toppers. Simply stunning!


The mood is then set with insence, oil lamps, and candles placed on every guests's tables and other areas of the party. Twinkle lights are hung for a romantic glow. Sitting areas are created using throw rugs, cushions and bean bag chairs around the party floor.

With tents, rugs, and beanbags, it creates a terrific luxury Arabian atmosphere. A much easier trick that does a lot to enhance the mood is to play a collection of the Middle Eastern music.

An Arabian Night theme party is all about the mysterious, exotic and sensual fun. Hire a henna artist or have a booth of floral tattoo. Hire belly dancers  to perform, or better yet, get your guests involved by participating in belly dancing lessons. Designate a 'magic carpet' dance area and decorate it with an assortment of persian rugs.


It's a smart strategy to have a few organized games planned at a party. Just be sure to consider the ages of the children when you select the suitability of the games. Then go ahead and have a howling good time! Arabian themed games include the Musical Magic Lamp, Pass the Scarab and a Scavenger Hunt, but the all time favourite is of course the Mummy Wrap! It has always been a hit!


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