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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Under The Sea

Dive under the waves into a magical underwater world filled with colorful fish, shells, dancing octopus and mermaids for a wondrous birthday celebration! We've got everything you need to decorate and celebrate in an enchanted world, where everyone will adore!

Your first decision will be whether to hold your party at your own home or somewhere else. You can plan a great party at home, complete with ocean party decorations, activities, and food that fit your theme. If you choose a different location, an aquarium or swimming pool might be a good choice.


All little ones love bubbles! Welcome your guests with a spray of bubbles. A bubble machine is best to blow out loads of bubble at the party goers. Your guests will be transported to a fantasy world that they won’t want to leave.


Have a wall decorated with colourful cute sea creatures. Include your children in choosing their favourite animals, cutting the figures out and also pasting them around the party area. This will help boost their creativity and confidence. They will feel very much appreciated.

Add dazzle to your entrance by having a welcome board with class showcasing the mermaid/merman of the day. It's the trendiest way instead of just having the conventional bunting. It is of course personalizable to the theme. You may have it with your child's picture or a design to suit to your theme.

The party area is transformed to an enchanting underwater scene. A color scheme of aqua, lilac & green bring the ocean to the space. Balloons can economically transform any room, backyard or park into a festive space in a matter of minutes. Create beautiful illusion of bubbles in your ocean, and you’ll fill the room with “ooohs and aaahs”.

A huge backdrop of our Under The Sea image would be perfect to set up the mood. The space is now truly becoming an underwater scene! Cover the tables with aqua. Table tops will susually provide a very large surface area and covering them with a themed tablecloth is the easiest way to change the feel of a room. It is also the most cost effective way to decorate. A couple of tables covered with a under the sea themed table cloth will transform your event location into an under the sea fantasy.

Setting a table with the thematic personalized party ware, including the tablecloth, cups, plates, napkins, cutlery and thematic decorative items is the best way to create a focal point in a room, beautifully creating a place setting at the table for each guest. A great water accent is to have glass fish bowls filled with real or pretend fish. Your guetsts will be astonished with the decorations!

Our ever popular personalized items - a must have! accentuate the buffet table. Centrepiece party displays, petite mineral bottles, milk chocolate bars and cotton candy buckets are party favors accessorized with personalized die cut birthday tags and colourful wrappers and stickers. A twist of fun is then added by using thematic captions like 'sea water' and 'fish baits'. Will surely be a hit at your party!


Have a theme table which displays all the essential birthday delicacies. An aqua coloured cake is perfect for the theme. Sea creatures and play beach toys are the perfect elements to embellish your Under The Sea cake. Cupcakes, icing biscuits and macaroons coloured according to your theme beautifies the perfect theme table.

Display your birthday cake in the center of the table…the kids will love the close up view!

Can't afford a home swimming pool? Have a portable swimming pool instead set up in your garden, furnished with water guns, beach balls and giant floaties. It's easy to come up with Under the Sea games for the swimming pool. For kids that can swim under water, scatter some rubber squirt sea cratures at a depth that is comfortable for the kids swimming abilities. Have each guest take turns scooping up the sea creatures with the net in one breath.

Set up a kiddie swimming pool filled with beach sand for the babies to enjoy some fun playtime. They will have lots of fun just by building sand castles.


If time permits, take your guests on a trip to your local aquarium to learn about everyday life under the sea! Many aquariums offer tours and programs especially for children. Perhaps your guests will be lucky enough to catch a glimpse of Nemo!

Thank your guests with aquatic party favors! You can give one large favor, such as tickets to a local aquarium, or combine smaller favors such as ocean stickers, mini fish bean bag toys, fish stationary sets, assorted candies, and other ocean party favors. Beach pails & shovels make perfet gifts. Place all of these items in assorted colour baskets and complete them with your personalized tag tied with ribbons.

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