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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Enchanting Princess

Hear ye! Hear ye! Queens & Kings! Summon your court and carriage, for the princess party ideas thy seek are all right here! Once upon a time, a little girl wished upon a star for an enchanting princess party. Below are some ideas to help you create a royal affair full of wonder and make believe for your special little princess.

Girls' birthday parties can be so much fun to plan and shop for, especially when the theme is so clearly defined. Princess parties make you think of once upon a time stories.

Decorate the table with pink tulle fabric and a sprinkling of silver stars down the middle. Silver napkins and cutlery can be used on the table. Use teacups and plastic wine glasses for the girls to drink hot chocolate and apple cider. A cupcake holder and a variety of large platters give the table a royal feel.

Have your table setup the Razzle Dazzle way! Our kids table setup is the only one in Malaysia which offers  tiny petite tables and chairs, covered with matching chair covers and tied with ribbon bows and sparkle netting accross the top of each chair back. The ribbon knots are shaped beautifully. We leave them long and let the tail trails on the floor. A colourful balloon may be tied to each guest's chair just to add more colours to the party scene.

Welcome your royal guests with a grand pink carpet entrance into the party. Balloons always create a festive atmosphere, and can be sent home with the guests as an extra treat. You might even like to let your princess keep a balloon table centerpiece in her room for a few days after the party.

Have our castle tower decorations in the center of the hall. Set the scene in royal splendor for the fairest little princesses attending your princess ball. Their hearts are sure to beat faster as they enter the land of enchantment. Dress up the party area with pink and purple, with a touch of glittery faerie dust thrown in. Add a few special touches to personalized your table. Sprinkle sparkle powder and shimmer stars on the tabletop. The leftover shimmer stars can be used to line a walkway, hang on the walls and even used in a craft to make wands.
Have a whimsical princess throne where it is always the perfect place for the birthday princess to enjoy her birthday cake, open presents, or simple entertain her royal subjects.

Personalized centrepiece party displays make the party area looks more coordinated. Have assorted princess standees stand tall on each and every table welcoming your guests. The welcome table is made perfect with party displays and of course giveaway party favors. A welcome board is always another option for a classier effect.

Have a real life birthday party princess turn up at your princess' party for a real surprise! Hire our princess party entertainer to host your birthday ball. Put your feet up and let us take care of the rest. A princess birthday party host can either dressed in Disney princess gowns such as Cinderella/Belle or even royal gowns to suit your party.

Our princess party entertainer will tell a story, conduct games and entertain your little princess with songs and ballroom dance. With our huge castle backdrop, a photo session may also be conducted. Personalized photo props would spice up the excitement of your royal guests.

These princess party games would be a hit at a little girl's birthday bash.

Grand entrance - On arrival, each princess is adorned with a treasure from the dress-up box and then has her photo taken. Music can also enhance the arrival.

Magic wishing well - Gather guests together and have a bubble machine blowing. Encourage kids to dance around and catch as many bubbles as they can while making secret wishes. A great way to get kids warmed up to party games.
Musical thrones - Musical chairs.

Princess make over - There will be someone to put makeup on the princesses for their pictures they will be getting crowns.

Dancing statues - Get the princesses to dance around to classical or pop music and freeze when the music stops.

Pass the parcel - Use pink wrapping paper and make sure that each layer has a princess goodie.

Princess pampering - With our nail parlour booth, have the tiny nails painted body glittered.

Decorate cupcakes - We prepare the cupcakes and have your guests decorate using their favourite lollies and sprinkles.

Pin the crown - Hold up a Disney poster and pin a tiara on the princess.

Watch a movie - Have your favourite Disney Princess movie projected all along.

Art & craft - Make a crown or an edible necklace or bracelet.

Pinata - An all time favourite!

Princess parties only come once in a lifetime and you want to make it one that your little princess will remember forever!

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