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Thursday, April 2, 2009

Theme Birthday Party: Celebrate With Elmo & Friends

Daniel was turning ONE and they celebrated the FUN!

The tent stood up high with colourful balloon bouquets as the centrepieces happily greeted the guests of honours.

The theme was set to be Fun with Sesame Street. All were prepared according to the theme, from the invitations right to the party favors. It was a party full of colours, fun and excitement!

The invitation was designed accordingly matched to the theme where the birthday boy was pictured to be part of the Sesame Street group of friends. Super sized birthday balloon was customized with captions of the birthday boy's name. Absolute fun!

A set of birthday signages which included the garden stand and wall bunting were placed around the party area as an addition to the excitement!

3d shaped customized birthday cake were made to order specially designed for the Sesame Street's biggest fan!

Presentation of colourful accessories & cutleries added more fun to the special day. Balloon sculptures invited smiling faces on guests & friends. Pool of balls were embeded in the play area for the kids to enjoy. Not forgetting the themed poster fot guests to jot down their wishes and thoughts for the birthday boy. A keepsake to be treasured!

It was indeed a memorable ONE,
for the birthday boy and the attended guests.

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