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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Party Tips: Pick A Theme & Keep It Simple!

Same questions every time. How do we get the best bang for our buck? How do we stay within a reasonable budget? How do we keep things simple?

The simplest way is to pick a theme. A theme doesn’t always need to be something obvious, a theme can be based on a color, on a movie, or even on the food that you’re serving.

We shall start with an Invitation. An amazing invitation with a great illustration on the front, something really simple but sets the tone of the them. The invitation should basically contain all the details on how to RSVP, whom to call, all the dates and other informations. Be creative and not just stick to the old method of conventional invitations. An invitation printed on a cd or sent in a box which includes other decorative items from the theme, might add colors to the tone. For instance, use scallop shells, pearls and some glitter for an invitation to a beach party. This level of anticipation factor will let people start to get excited, which is what you'll want. An example of a theme that you may carry from the invitation to a party is a ticket entry for one to a cocktail party. Personalized tickets would really INVITE people, they are fun, 3-dimensional and cool, instead of just plain random ‘I printed this off my printer’ letterhead kind of invitation. It sets the tone!

There should be a continuity, from the invitation to the color scheme, to the décor of the tables, it’s very unifying and you’ll see how much that really works together. It does! And it keeps a focal point!

So the bottom line is, to get the best bang for your buck is… choose a theme and keep it simple! There’s always a great reason for a great party!

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