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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Baby Party: A Whimsical Cukur Jambul

Cukur Jambul- based on a lose translation from Wikipedia- A Malay Traditional rites 40 dates after the birth of a newborn. It is not done any earlier, because mummy would still be in confinement.


It was a beautiful fine day. The house was decorated with beds of greeneries and fresh flowers. The room was all filled with aromatized scent of sweet pastels fresh roses waiting to welcome the guests. A stunning dias for the celebratee princess stands enchantedly in the living hall with spotlights flashing across it. It was all mesmerizing!

The settings were set to be pink & white as the Cukur Jambul were meant for the baby princess. Fresh flowers resembles the freshness of a new born baby, the greatest gift of all. An overwhelming experience to be treasured!

Fresh fruits were served with bottomless flowing of think chocolate fountain that no one could resist. Sweet baby themed cupcakes empowers the temptations.

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