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Monday, July 11, 2011

Theme Birthday Party: Superhero

Calling all caped crusaders. It's time to celebrate superhero style! This superhero party is sure to be one event your little crime fighter will never forget!

A superhero party is sure to create super-duper fun! You can either create your party with a general super hero theme or focus on one character and build your party around that hero. Boys (and sometimes girls too!) love superheroes and whether it is Batman, Spiderman, Superman or Iron Man, a Superhero party theme is sure to be a blast!

A really super party starts with colorful decorations! Consider fun and simple ideas which include your favourite superheroes. If your party has a general super hero theme, then you may select your child's favorite superhero colors to use as a guide in decorating. If you are leaning toward a specific superhero, then you would want to select the colors most associated with that hero.


A party table set up has always been the best way to set the mood of a themed party. Figures of favourite superheroes with models of city towers would make the best centrepieces and make the party table look out of this world!

Superheroes posters are hung around the area. Cut out poster pictures make great superhero standees, which no doubt will excite the boys (and girls!). A life sized standee would create an extra fun at the entrance welcoming the superkids to the party.


A party table is never complete without the personalized items. The water bottles and chocolate bars, all wrapped with personalized superhero labels with fun names like Energy Bar and Super Booze just to give them a splash of the theme.


The personalized cupcake toppers were pictures of the all time favourite superheroes. Even simple cupcakes would be a great party hit with these toppers!

A personalized handmade superhero pennant banner would make a nice simple background for the party table as well as the cake cutting ceremony. The diamond shape would be the best design for the superhero party pennant banner.

The party table was then finalized with the ultimate superhero cake which combines all 3 most favourite superhero, Superman, Batman and Spiderman. Cutout star shaped fondant complemets the cake with the birthday boys' names. And the cupcakes were just simply hard for the kids to resist! They were all eyeing for their favourite superhero cupcake from the start!


Just by looking at the happy faces of the excited boys around me during the setup, has brought me great pleasure in helping them decorate the party table. Hope the superkids had as much fun as I did!

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